At the boat course

The course for competent crew offered by the Tampere Navigation Club this spring attracted many students. Over 40 persons practiced basic boat maneuvers on the lake and in the harbours. We practiced arrival at the pier many times in different variations e.g. using spring ropes and boys. On the lake we practiced anchoring and how to operate a sea anchor. In the end of the course there was a possibility to participate in a trip to the clubs cottage near Ruovesi and to practice the learned maneuvers over the weekend and to grill some sausages in the evening. The fender was thrown over the rail many times to simulate a man over board (MOB) situation but it was rescued each time without problems. All in all again a very nice trip. Thanks to all the participants. Hopefully next year we can again organise such a great course. Now its already time to think about the yacht master course in autumn.

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