Ice situation at lake Näsijärvi 6.4.2014

On Sunday we went to Jänissari and it was still calm at the shore were the boats are stored for the winter. There were cars coming and going and some people checked their boats but there was not maintenance work going on anywhere. We were checking how the boat looks after the winter. In the end of autumn when there were heavy storms we checked the boat if the tarp was still in good shape but after that we have not been there again until today. Orvokki was packed very well and all looked tidy and neat. The tarp was in a good shape even after the third winter. The previous owner mentioned that every two years one usually has to get a new tarp as there usually come some holes during the winter. Satisfied with the condition of the boat we started thinking how to approach the repainting of the bottom. Lifting the boat to the water is scheduled in one month so there is not so much time left.

The last summers we tried to wash the anti fouling paint away by using the boat in the water. This worked out quite well but there are still large areas with tougher parts of that paint that won’t go away by themselves. Now we want to remove the anti fouling paint completely. In our waters we do not need it and we checked how to remove it in a healthy and environmental friendly way. Otherwise the bottom looked in a very good shape. No cracks and a couple of layers of paint were applied so far.

I took couple of pictures about the ice on the lake at Jänissaari. Near Lielahti the lake was already open but here at the shore there is still quit a bit of ice. Last year the ice was gone by Vappu (1st of May) but now I don’t think that it will take that long to melt.






Iltalenkillä Pyhäjärven puolella näytti vedet jo ihan avoimilta Ratinan rannassa.






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