Inspection of the boat bottom

Today we applied for our membership for the sailing club and had the inspection of the boat’s bottom. This is done for boats with new owners and also after 5 years. During the inspection the bottom, openings, valves and the engine with all its appliances is checked. The inspector was off the opinion that the boat was in a really good condition and there were no complaints. We were very happy about that news and we are more comfortable that we made a good buy with the boat.

During the inspection we also got the info that our emergency rocket and flares are still valid as they are still accepted 3 years after the recommended date of the manufacturer. This was good news as we did not have to buy new ones. Also during the normal check up days for the boats there is a possibility to have the fire extinguishers checked at the club for a fee so there is no hassle getting them checked somewhere else.

The staff of the club was very helpful with the administration of the membership and we got all papers together. In addition we rented a small locker in their storage room where we can put all our boat related items. This is excellent as we do not have to use space at home and we have the stuff where we need it.

There is still a lot of ice on the lake but it will be gone before lifting the boat to the water on the 11.5. But before that there is still a couple of things to do to make the boat ready for the water.


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