New pennant for the mast

Yesterday we received our new pennant (the one on the right in the picture) as replacement for our old pennant which was a sign that we passed the coastal navigation course.  The new pennant is a blue flag with a white cross and a helm in the middle. It indicates that we have passed the open sea navigation course which taught celestial navigation. It is a great reward after spending the winter learning star navigation and spending hours calculating locations of stars with the help of the sextant and the nautical almanac.  Both Vellamo and Aegir passed the course and yesterday and after receiving the certificates we bought the new pennant.  The flag in the middle indicates that we have passed the yacht master course. The combination of pennants of yacht master and open sea navigation is not so common on lake Näsijärvi and we are a bit proud of our achievements. If someone is wondering why there is the German flag at the same side as the other pennants, we only have one flag line on our right side of the boat but not on the left side

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