Rasvasaari is rocky

On our way back from Virrat to Tampere we had a stop at the club harbour from the Näsijärven Purjehdusseura at Rasvasaari. It is located in Vaskivesi Oikanselkä a couple of sailing hours away from Virrat. We had mostly winds from the back which were changing a lot in direction and strength so we observed other sailing boats to predict changes with the wind. In between we were often tempted to use the engine but there always came once in a while a good flow of wind which brought us forward.

Just before arriving at the harbour the winds got stronger and we had a good speed. The main pier was already full with already a second row of boats behind them so we were directed to another pier at the other side of the island. We were very careful as from the map the way to that spot varied a lot in depth and it was quite shallow. In between the depth showed 1,5 m which is our boats draught but we arrived without touching the ground. At this moment the wind grew stronger with gusts and we were wondering if we should continue to Kallimäki which is better protected. However we decided to stay there after all.

Discovering the island, grilling, going to sauna and then to sleep. The days now had a certain rhythm and all actions felt slow. In the morning we woke up and had breakfast. Some days we skipped breakfast as we have eaten late for diner. The fueling if possible and getting food if a shop was nearby and then setting the sails for couple of hours to the next harbour. Then again the boat to the pier, sauna, swimming, grilling, taking couple of pictures, updating the blog and sleeping. It is amazing how much time one can spend with the daily tasks and how fast time goes buy.

Rasvasaari has a lot of rocks and the island raises steep from the shore. The cottage was on a nice spot on the top of the island and the grilling hut at the beach. On nearby islands are old runes and stone graves but this time we had not time to visit them unfortunately.

Here are a couple of impressions from Rasvasaari.














At night it is important to watch the steps not to step on the small inhabitants of the island.

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