The bow towards the storm

Friday we came with clear sky ans sunshine towards Tampere from North. The air was very warm and humid and the surface of the lake was very calm with now waves. We knew that in the afternoon there should be rain and we aimed to be at Tampere before getting wet. The time was still OK to visit Pimeesalmi about half way to Tampere to have a coffee and some cookies. We continued from there with 4 knots and no wind but we noticed already more clouds gathering.



Puolituntia Pimeestä lähdön jälkeen alko taivas synkentyä ja tulikin todella pimeetä.




As the clouds grew darker we put already our rain coats on and continued our trip. However, we were already preparing ourselves for a bumpy ride. Hot, humid, calm and dark weather. The storm was ahead. Suddenly the sky change into complete darkness and we saw the whole weather front coming towards us. From one moment to another there was suddenly very strong wind and gusts and the first lightnings appeared in the distance. We decided to increase the speed to 4,5 knots and see how far we get.


We decided to head towards Jänissaari which was about half an hour ahead of us compared to one hour to our home harbour. Turning around towards Pimeesalmi was an option but it was closer to Jänissaari at that point and the weather front would have caught us very likely on our trip back to Pimeesalmi. The winds grew stronger and suddenly the engine over heat alarm sounded. Immediately we shut the engine off and put the genoa out a bit to get speed. Of course we have not prepared the reefing rope for the main sail. After wondering for some seconds how to apply it we decided to leave the main sail down and only go with the genoa. During lifting the genoa the boat turned sharp starboard as it was pushed by the wind. The wind was so strong that it was not possible to steer port so we made a complete turn to the right where we gathered speed and were able to sail with wind from front. Everything happened within minutes, rain started pouring out of the sky, the wind kept blowing and around us once in a while a lightning and thunder.

Under sail we picked up a good wind and steered towards Jänissaari but decided to keep an eye on the sky to reconsider going home directly. At that point there were no other boats in sight. After a while it was clear that the worst part of the weather front past over us and we headed directly to our home harbour and did not go to Jänissaari. The winds got less so we were able to use the main sail for a while. After a while the winds calmed down again completely. Luckily by that time the engine has cooled and started without problems and gave no alarm again on the rest of the trip. There was probably a series of events that lead to our engine overheating a bit. The day was very hot, we had the engine on already for almost 3 hours, the 0,5 extra knots in the end increased the temperature a bit and the cover to the engine room was almost closed so the warm air was not able to leave that area easily. When arriving at our home harbour the sun was shining and it was again dry with a couple of degrees lower than before. It was a book example of a cold front passing by. Also the newspapers wrote about a hefty storm, fallen tries and cut power lines.


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