Organising the activities

Having a boat is fun especially when it is in the water and ready to go. Before that there are various things to organize after winter, including: cleaning the boat, engine maintenance, and service, fixing stuff, mast lifting, annual check and loading the boat. When the summer is over the whole procedure reverses.

In order to facilitate the organisation part we looked into different tools and programs to see which would suit our needs. We have started to use Asana which is a free of charge browser based project management service. One can create an account there or uses ones Gmail account to log in. The service enables an easy structuring of simple projects and allows the user to share tasks with other users and sync important tasks to a calendar.

We have used the tool last year already and found it quite handy to create our task lists. This year we only copied the last year’s tasks and added additional items that needed to be done. It saved a lot of time not to invent the wheel again. In addition it is nice to finally make a check mark after a task.

We created two main projects: ”Sailboat summer preparation 2013” and ”Sailboat winter preparation 2013”

Under each project we used different tags to create mile stones such as: before boat to water, before lifting mast, before annual checkup, before lowering the mast, before boat out of water, before winter sleep

In total there are many tasks so these milestones help us not to forget important tasks that are crucial for other tasks. Nothing worse than having the boat in the water and realizing that the propeller is not mounted. Also lifting the mast can be a bit stressful. Therefore a good preparation prevents from forgetting important things that are difficult to do once the mast is up.

Below you find our mile stones for the ”Sail boat summer preparation 2013” and the tasks we fulfilled to make sure our boat gets to the water safely.




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